All campaigns are based on thorough research, knowledge and experience that mean we provide our clients with a quantifiable return that beats the competition

Sports Media offers Media Buying and Planning in Sports Venues:-

Sports Media regards sports advertising as an important and growing media sector. Our knowledge of the current availability of stadium and Arena media opportunities in sports, and the ’cause-related’ sector is unrivaled, because of our very close link with sporting venues.

Stadium Advertising is fast becoming a mainstream advertising opportunity. It can hold its own against the many other options available. Stadium Advertising has the power to deliver results.

In addition, Sports Media has access to Print, the Teams television properties, the teams radio network and hospitality.

Sports Media Commitment:-

Developing the best strategy – Sports Media always strive to come up with the right medium to boost the advertisers campaign effectiveness. Sports Media maintains relationship with all sports venues in the USA.

Sports Media maintains the largest sports industry advertising database of all available inventory, this allows Sports Media to delivery information fast.

Innovating advertising and new technologies are at the forefront of Sports Media, Sports Media has introduced several new media ideas to the sports industry.

Volume buying allows both agencies and advertisers to receive the best price on media buys.

Not only can it take the advertiser right into the heart of the stadium, where the fans are swept up in passionate support of their team, it is hoped that their brand’s presence will be remembered in the magic moment of the game.

In stadiums, Sports Media gives advertisers and agencies the ability to run highly targeted campaigns to large audiences for a long period of time.

• Advertisers can design campaigns specifically tailored to the environment
• High levels of accountability due to precise attendance figures and independent site checks
• Complimentary advertising
• Repetition of message around the ground
• The length of time spent by the audience at the venue
• Strong emotional attachment to the team
• Unobtrusive advertising

In a highly targeted campaign, Sports Media can create a buzz amongst its desired audience and is a particularly effective way to reach sports–lovers.